1. foreverglfan:

    Day 2: Favorite Female Character: Regina the Evil Queen.
    I call her by both her name and title because I really believe she is a mixture of both people not just one or the other. In either mode, you see her insecurities, angers, fears, happiness, envy, and every other emotion in the book. She is vain and selfish, yet so insecure in wanting to be liked and accepted. She is not perfect and has good and bad qualities to her. Regina just has many layers to me and she makes a great character to watch!


    I’m a witch, I’m a lover.
    I’m a mayor, I’m a mother.
    I’m a villain, I’m your dream.
    Long live The Evil Queen
    (’s boobs)

  2. theswanqueens:

    The Queen


    I love Regina’s… necklaces

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    2.17 | welcome to storybrooke

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